Searching for Rare, Vintage and Popular Miniature Bottles of Liquor Can Sometimes be Quite Difficult

Many stores sell limited numbers of them, or they do not carry them at all anymore, and if you want to buy these mini liquor bottles you need to turn to private sellers.

We have put together a detailed directory showcasing both private collectors and retail stores who sell small bottles of liquor at very reasonable prices.

The smaller sized bottles were originally intended to be samples attached to larger bottles for consumers to try. Of course, airlines have always carried them on board for customers who just wanted a small portion of their favourite alcohol for general consumption while on a flight. Eventually, these cool little alcohol bottles made their way onto retail store shelves for all to purchase as an alternate option to the larger containers.

Regardless of the history, or intended purposes, small liquor bottles have increasingly become more popular as collectibles. Liquor companies have always made it a point to design aesthetically pleasing bottle shapes which translates quite well to their smaller cousins. Not only do they look great as a tiny beverage vessel but they don’t take up too much shelf space which makes them a perfect addition for custom displays or showcases.

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of these popular items available for sale from around the world. Many of them are extremely rare, because of limited production runs, vintage antiques, and also because they have not been opened for a long period of time. As a result, they have become highly sought after pieces for enthusiast collectors from all different countries.

Our comprehensive online catalog highlights these little liquor bottles from the collections of private sellers and professional retailers alike. This way you have access to plenty of rare and vintage miniature collectibles from a variety of sources increasing your chances of finding the right one for your collection. All the mini bottles of liquor are shipped promptly from every conceivable location you can think of. Browse through our directory and see for yourself.

Tiny Bottles of Liquor